Tel: 01646 663889
Client: Milford Haven Port Authority

Location: Miscellaneous projects on the Milford Haven Waterway.

Port Engineering’s inception was brought about by the managing directors desire to retain skilled
ship repair operatives within the industry as much of the available skilled labour was being
enticed towards the large construction projects that were being undertaken in the area.
Following initial success as the main steelwork subcontractor for all the welding and fabrication
requirements for Milford Haven Ship Repairers, the ability to deliver on time whilst remaining
competitive resulted in Port Engineering undertaking all steel fabrication and repair work for the
whole of the Port Authority Group, including their sites at Pembroke Port, Pembroke Dock Ferry
Terminal and Milford Docks.

Ship Repair

mhpa1mhpa2 mhpa3

Structural Steel Work

mhpa-steel1 mhpa-steel2

Barge & Pontoon Fabrication

mhpa-barge mhpa-pontoon