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Client: Grande Cote Operations


Location: Dakar Port, Senegal

Port Engineering have had a long association with Dawnus Construction and have provided mechanical support and fabrication and steel erection services to them for the past nine years. More recently the company has been involved in a partnership approach with Dawnus to undertake the the construction of the ilmenite storage and shipping facility for the client, Grande Cote Operations with the Port of Dakar, Senegal.

The facility will serve as the receival, storage and transfer point for the anticipated 55 million tonnes of high grade minerals being mined each year. Port Engineering were contracted to carry out the erection and cladding of the main, 9,420m², product storage facility totalling 1050 tonnes of steel.

Port Engineering successfully completed the erection, installation and commissioning assistance works for the mechanical elements of the project. This consisted of a railcar unloader (73t), belt and pipe conveyors (500t), radial stackers (50t), shiploaders (80t), and included the installation and splicing of over 850m of conveyor belt.

In order to successfully complete the project, the company incorporated and worked closely with a number of local suppliers to procure suitable and certified plant, labour and material resources. This included training a significant amount of local employees in lifting, plant, scaffolding and mechanical operations including the use of a number of specialist small tools. All completed by our dedicated team of plant trainers and supervisors.

The works were successfully completed in December 2013, achieving in excess of 300,000 man hours LTI free. This was seen as a massive achievement due to the challenging nature and environment of the project.

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